Glowingpine Studios
Based in Mjölby, Sweden

Release date:
May 30th, 2013

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EUR2,69 €
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Help collect the missing stars in this addictively fun physics-based game.

Luca had a dream once - that the stars in the sky suddenly fell. The stars spread all over the world. Deep into the oceans, high up the hills and all across space. It's your job to get the stars back! Bounce on the wobbly hills, get thrown in the wind, launch from strange gravity wells and zap across the screen through mysterious portals. But most of all look out for the dangerous volcanoes in the deep oceans!


  • Simple and skillful one touch controls (it's all about timing)
  • 90 lovingly designed levels in 3 unique worlds
  • Amazing music with 5 different tracks (+ a hidden bonus track)
  • Compare scores in leaderboards (Game Center or Google Play Game Services)
  • Achievements! (Game Center or Google Play Game Services)
  • Free updates with more levels, music and worlds


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Awards & Recognition

    Little Luca has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "Little Luca is a charming, innovative and downright beautiful game – nay, piece of art – that no iOS user should be without."
        - Karl Burnett, Touch Arcade
      • "Little Luca review: It may be little, but it's a lot of fun."
        - Marc Kusnierz, Pixelated Sausage
      • "Little Luca is a physics puzzler that takes a lot of simple elements and makes a wonderful game with a surprising amount of depth."
        - Carter Dotson, 148Apps
      • "An innovative new physics-based puzzler that will keep you entertained for hours."
        - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
      • "This is the perfect example of how simplicity can turn into addictiveness when it is well-implemented."
        - Emmanuel Lund, AppsZoom
      • "The playful, catchy, and ultimately atmospheric sounds emanating from this title are an absolute standout."
        - Greg Srisavasdi, Arcade Sushi
      • "I'm just hooked on playing the game itself in my short time with it so far. It's very clever."
        - Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade
      • "Little Luca is accompanied by what I can only describe as 'the perfect soundtrack'"
        - Lloyd Brown, IGM Mobile
      • "That mix of cool graphics, addictive gameplay and, especially, excellent soundtrack, empowers Little Luca with a unique personality."
        - Emmanuel Lund, AppsZoom
      • "Little Luca is a game that you're not going to want to miss out on."
        - Christian Leed, IGM Mobile

      About Glowingpine Studios

      Glowingpine Studios is an independent game developer founded in Sweden 2013 by two brothers, Björn and Rikard, with the aim to create fun, simple and interesting games.

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